Chicago Expansion - A Bridge Between the Physical & Virtual

Chicago ExpansionThe National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C. is one of America's oldest and most respected institutions, and also one of its most forward-looking.

With roots in the 19th Century - collections include remnants of the remains of Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth and other key figures from the Civil War - NMHM is at the forefront of a 21st Century exploration of the cutting edge of museum science. The museum's extensive historical, anatomical and embryology collections are now in the process of being digitized and made available online, which will be of incalculable value to medical researchers, pathologists, clinicians, forensic scientists and scholars in various other fields throughout the world.


An effort is underway to create a central repository for the museum's digital collections, data archives and related computational resources at a new satellite location in Chicago. The National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago will function as a bridge between the physical and virtual realms; featuring interactive exhibits where visitors can explore biomedical information in new ways and will act as a home for a team of information scientists who will advance the museum's research initiatives.

This Chicago museum will be a showcase for the absolute cutting edge in museum science and will provide a testbed for the development of new technologies for scientific visualization, interactive graphics, and biomedical knowledge management.

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