National Museum of Health & Medicine Foundation
museumThe National Museum of Health and Medicine, a Department of Defense museum, was established in 1862 and inspires interest in and promotes the understanding of medicine - past, present, and future - with a special emphasis on tri-service American military medicine. As a National Historic Landmark recognized for its ongoing value to the health of the military and to the nation, the Museum identifies, collects, and preserves important and unique resources to support a broad agenda of innovative exhibits, educational programs, and scientific, historical, and medical research. In its current configuration and planned relocation, the NMHM is poised for broadened attention and use of by scholars, scientists and the public at large.


The National Museum of Health and Medicine Foundation has been created to serve as a not-for-profit partner to provide general support for museum operations, as well as for more targeted projects in both the educational and research areas. A subsidiary of the Buonacorsi Foundation, the NMHM Foundation has as a major objective to drive the creation of a satellite of the NMHM in the Chicago area